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Our Team

Lauren Hokin


Lauren’s grandmother, Connie Barnum, started Glen Liquors, the predecessor to The Town Cellar nearly, 50 years ago. Since a very early age, Lauren’s been hanging out behind the counter at the store, swiping lollipops and trying to figure out how the cash register works. As a bigger kid, she developed a keen interest in all things fermented, going so far as to dabble in the cheesemaking biz and spending a year living in France, eating and drinking her way through the country.

Michelle DeWyngaert

General Manager

Michelle’s last name literally translates to “Of the Vineyard” which tells you they inherited both their passion for wine and their fascination for how it’s made. They are committed to connecting people to incredible vineyards and winemakers from around the world and believe that quality farming leads to quality wines. Over the last decade, Michelle has worked their way from bartender to fine dining server, to bar manager, to wine & spirits retailer, honing their knowledge base on the job before refining and expanding it at the International Culinary Center’s intensive sommelier training program. They became certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers and went on to work as the buyer of spirits and new world wines at Chambers Street Wines in Manhattan. After living in NYC for more than a decade, they have decided to move out to CT to be closer to family and fresh air.

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